The View Through The Cardboard Window

Hi. I've just launched a Tumblr blog about a comic project called "The View Through the Cardboard Window". It's about the hardships of having a relationship through the prison system and will be written and drawn by my boyfriend (who is currently serving an eight year sentence - out in four) and myself. We're really excited about doing this project together as we both feel that doing it makes us feel closer to each other. As well as this, it also has the added benefits of increased contact as we send our pages to each other for feedback and that I am helping my boyfriend learn a new skill in his own time. Eventually we hope to have it published upon his release, online and in book form and hope it can be used as a way to encourage and show the benefits of self-directed projects between inmates and their loved ones. There's not much at the moment, just the first post telling everyone what it will be about. However we're both keen for it to reach as many people as possible, so would it be okay to ask if you could link to it from Prisoners Families Voices?

                               CLICK HERE and take a look! It's a great little project!