You Are Better Off Single In The UK - By Yours Truly

Hi Readers!!! I'm not too sure whether or not many of you saw the Breadline Britain programme last night but I watched it with interest and then some!!!
I have a shit job.. a Missus.. and a toddler to provide for, but I may as well leave them.. let my missus claim single parent benefit and swindle the system!!! Why?? Because we would be better off living that way that's why!!! I work for a minimum wage and as a family.. we are £16.00 per week better off. We probably aint that because if the weather is bad, I take public transport, so the £16.00 has long gone. How can the Government bang on about family life when we are better off living it single with a family on the side? At this rate.. I will have to make an appointment to go to a food bank for food for my missus and kid. Soz to depress you on this Easter Holiday weekend, but I am just sick and fed up of being skint.. I work a 60 hour week and can't even afford to take my missus and child out this weekend.. I'm an ex con who has gone straight making an honest living.. but seriously.. why am I bothering???