Bogus Lawyer Giovanni Shamed The British Justice System


Hi Matt, I've just seen your post over on Twitter (above) 
I too cannot find much on how many cases Giovanni Di Stefano won working as a bogus lawyer.
I do however know of one case. He did win the property tycoon, Nicolas Van Hoogstraten case on a technicality.  In my opinion, and I am not defending Mr Stefano, but he did make a whole mockery of British Legal System and no matter what anyone says, he embarrassed and shamed it too. It's a pity he's now locked up because I'd have hired him for a miscarriage of justice case. If a bogus lawyer can win cases on technicality's then seriously what does that tell you? How many years has it took the authorities to rumble Mr Stefano? Like I said, I'm not defending what he has done, but it just shows how corrupt the system is. Hugs and love to all readers, from Nicky M.