Bristow Sutor Civil Enforcement Agents

Right, on the war path I am! Today I received a call from a very upset damsel in distress. She like bloody thousands of other council tax victims, had the bailiffs at her door this morning - and her window. This single parent was getting ready for work and the perverted bailiff from the company, Bristow Sutor, peered through her living room window and witnessed her in just her bra and knickers. To say she was distressed was an understatement. He hand posted a letter for her and drove off. She opened the letter and was instructed to ring him on his mobile which she did. He then thought he was above the law and threatened to come back and seize her goods to which I stated - do not let him in. She has been paying this company and indeed has the receipt numbers for her payments. I advised her to continue paying the debt because when all said and done, council tax has to be paid for the likes of four or five different coloured refuge bins the local council graces us with. But have a look at this if these pillocks - Bristow Sutor bully you.......

                                     COUNCIL TAX BAILIFF NON POWERS

                              The above link is taken from the Government website 

  Of course needless to say the lady is indeed taking the issue further and go girl we say!!!!!!!

Remember though, if you have difficulties paying your council tax, contact your local council tax department for help and advice, don't ignore it! 

Lots of love ... PRISON WIDOW UK