Duncan-Smith living on £53.00 a week? See you in prison! - By Darren (ex offender)

Dear PFV and readers. So Mr Duncan-Smith thinks he can live off £53.00 a week does he? Don't humiliate us Mr Duncan-Smith, because I can tell you now that I committed crime because I couldn't live off it! I'm not proud of it but I won't sugar-coat it either because the state the UK is in, get ready for more shop lifting and theft because it is coming your way like a tidal wave.
I went on a shop lifting spree because I couldn't feed my family and it is about as simple as that. I am not a drug user so didn't do it to feed a habit - it was to feed my kids. Yes I was and still am actively seeking work and did work for over 15 years before I was made redundant which I blame on the Government too. You can call me scum and bitter, I couldn't care less, each to their own, but how dare Duncan-Smith humiliate the general public by spouting he can live off £53.00 a week.  The soft lad silver-spooned toff wouldn't be able to live off £200.00 a week never mind a 2 figure sum! For all your other readers who might be shocked at my post, let me tell you this, I have been in prison with other people who have committed crimes for their families. Don't be fooled, it is not just drug dependent people who shop lift! By Darren via PFV Email