Fury At Duncan-Smith - From Anonymous

Reading Darren’s comment about Duncan-Smith made me quite annoyed. Darren is right. A normal person could probably get by on £50 a week for basic food but that wouldn’t buy one bottle of plonk for the likes of DK. So let’s work it out. Rent has to be about £100 a week, Electricity and Gas about £20 a week, Water around £10 a week, Council Tax around £20 a week. If he was looking for work or travelling to work he would need transport which would be at least another £20 a week. If we say £50 for food and another £20 for necessities like soap and stuff that adds up to about £240 a week – and no luxuries, alcohol, ballet or opera tickets. It’s like the twits who spend a night in a prison cell or sleeping rough and declare it’s not bad – let’s see them do it for real for 6 months and see how they fare. Most of these politicians have rich parents who have seen them all right, have had every possible extravagance and through the old boy’s network accumulated wealth without ever having to work so who are they to make a comment. Many women are in jail because they had to find a way to feed their children because the likes of DK have continued to attack the vulnerable and cut back benefits. How many children would the £8 million waste of tax payer’s money spent on Thatcher’s funeral feed? The recycling skip would be much cheaper. £8 million would pay for a lot of legal aid to allow the poor underclass some access to fair justice. £8 million would keep 33,000 people from sleeping rough for a week or provide 1,500,000 soup kitchen meals for the needy.