I'm Better Off On Benefits - From Struggling Mum

                                                 COUNCIL TAX BAILIFFS 

Hello. I read the post about the council tax bailiffs (above)
I am a single mum and I am in trouble with my council tax and have had the bailiffs at my front door hammering away. My partner went to prison when I was 5 months pregnant and after I had the baby, I wanted to go to work which I did. My Mum has the baby for me.
I got in to debt with pay-day loans and went way above my head with money and I am ashamed but what is done is done. A bailiff came to my door two weeks ago and I arranged to pay what I could every week. I fell behind with one payment and he came back saying he can boot my door in and take my goods. I was crying my eyes out and my baby was screaming. I was so upset I told him to piss off and not come back but he said he will break in through the window. I was physically sick and the doctor has signed me off work because of stress. I can't cope and I am so so scared the bailiff will come through my window. Can anyone help? I would be better off back on benefits.

PFV COMMENT: How nice of the Council eh? The same Council who want our votes! I have sent the writer of this post a package of info on her rights and a contact number so she can get some support.