I'm Leaving Work To Go Back On Benefits - From Worried Mum

Hi. Please can you not publish my name please. I work full time and I am in arrears with most of my bills. I have two children aged 9 and 11 and I have read about the food banks. I said last month that I would never go to a food bank but at the moment it might be a likely source to get through until my next pay day. I can't afford to send my partner any money anymore and he can only ring me and the kids three times a week for just a few minutes if we are lucky. I have found out through someone that my partner is writing to another woman and using her for money. I have written to him and asked him if this is true but he hasn't wrote back or rang me for 5 days so I am thinking that the rumour is true because he is avoiding me. I read the post about being better off on benefits and I fit in to that category because after I have worked out my finances and paid the rent and my council tax, I have nothing left. I am broke for the last two weeks before my pay day. I have always worked but I am considering just walking away and claiming benefits so I can make it through. Some country we live in when we feel we have to do this. Sorry for my rant but I needed to write it down and get it off my chest.