My Partner Is A Lifer Too - From Anonymous

                                                  THE FORGOTTEN LIFERS 

My partner is also a lifer, he was sent to Erlestoke as Shepton Mallet closed. His tariff of 15 years is up in August, but due to his move the parole board has refused open conditions without all his reports in and before the date. This is appalling, what I seem to be finding out though is men are never out on tariff whereas women are, that surely is not right. He also is enhanced but feels like he is a b cat prisoner like at the start of his sentence. He has completed more courses and work than has been asked of him, and all he wants is a chance to prove himself, has he said even if he gets his open conditions next year he will be 3 years over tariff, how can that happen. The prison service is all to quick in saying that prisoners are just using 'lip service' well, Jesus, we all know that they've committed crime but some people do change and also what some people don't understand is that terrible things have happened to some of these people and one day they snap as they can't take much more. If only their was some system out their stopping children, adults from getting beaten, abused then a large majority of these prisoners wouldn't be in prison! ! !