Will My Partner Change? - From Facebook Member

My partner is currently in jail and he,s been in and out of jail all his adult life and til we got together in October he basically had nothing on the outside and kept ending up back inside. since October hes been back in 3 times already and he keeps saying it will be the last time he ends up back in. i also have 3 children (though hes not the father)that i take on visits with me . I've known him since he was in my year at school from when we were 11.he was always the bad boy and i was the quiet one so never told him i liked him. we are both 37 now and majority of his adult life has been spent in jail. i support him and have stuck by him and don't intend leaving him but do you think after so much time in jail and used to the routines that a normal family life can happen? I hope that makes sense. Sorry to inbox but its still all pretty new to me being a girlfriend of a prisoner as we only got together in October last year.