Bedroom Tax Blamed For Woman's Suicide - By Ex Con

Stephanie Bottrill used a final letter to her family to say she blamed the Government's controversial bedroom tax for her death.

Click on the link for more on the story. Source Sky News.

I woke up this morning to find this sad sorrowful and heartbreaking story on Sky News. I am outraged and disgusted that our British Government can drive its people to breaking point.
My Mother is in a similar situation with this ludicrous bedroom tax and if I am made aware that she is struggling to pay it, I will step in and prevent her from being depressed. As an ex con, it would be a no holds-barred situation to help my Mum out and I'm asking myself would I turn back to crime to help her? The answer is yes with a capital Y because I will not allow the UK Government to put my Mother in a box, no chance and no way. You might say I am being ridiculous and stupid, and I agree, but hell no would I be burying my Mum courtesy of Cameron's crew. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to this woman and her family. It's a bloody outrage! From Ex Con.