Being Dishonest To Survive? - By Natalie

Dear Editor. I was reading about the poor woman who has took her own life because of the pressures of paying the bedroom tax. I was a bit shocked to read about some of your readers saying that they would commit a crime in order to provide for their families. I took the subject to work yesterday and asked some of the staff what they would do if they were at rock bottom financially. I was astonished at the amount of law abiding citizens that said they too would contemplate breaking the law if they were struggling to feed their kids. In all honesty, I truly think that people have had enough of the UK Government and its policies. It's made me think a lot about how people are thinking these days. It's a kind of rebellious attitude along with a determination to survive living in the UK. By all means I do not condone crime, but aren't the Government thrusting people in to it?
Needless to say that everyone is responsible for their own actions and they face the consequences if they choose to commit a crime or choose to be dishonest. Would I myself be dishonest for the welfare of my children? My answer to that is neither yes or no until God forbid I ever end up in a situation whereas I just couldn't take anymore. Finally I would just like to say I love reading your blog although I do not have a loved one prison myself, I find it's content and opinions of others fascinating. From Natalie.