Chris Grayling, You Are Having A Laugh! - From Tracey

Dear PFV. I love your page in Inside Time and read it every month. If I may, I would like to make a contribution to your blog on the Grayling reform. First of all, as a prisoners wife, HMP do not care about family ties. Prison is NOT designed to maintain family ties. My husband was transferred to a prison 2 and a half hours away from home two months ago. It was a shock move and I have only been able to visit him once because of my financial situation. How is that helping families to maintain ties? Those who say the Prison Service take an interest in maintaining family ties are talking through their backsides. My Husband is kicking off at the moment (which I disagree with by the way ) but if he kicks off, he could end up back in another prison near home. He could however end up in one even further away but it makes no odds because I can't afford to visit him where he is now!
I know some people might reply to this by saying that my husband is doing himself no favours, but he's in a no win no lose situation. If he can't see his family then what else does he do? Like I said, it's not the best way of getting back near home but he said it's worth the risk. So I hope Chris Grayling knows what he's doing with his little prison reform work! What a laugh!