Fonesavvy is the brainchild of an ex-offender, before his release, he was part of the 80,000 strong uk prison population all of which are subject to the high call charges and problems that accompany the prison pin phone system. In his own words "being in prison takes a lot away from you but something that cannot be taken away easily is the freedom of thought" a very powerful tool in dealing with environments such as prison! Daily complaints from fellow inmates regarding the pin phone system gave me a find a solution! No words can truly give insight to how much difference it makes to an inmates sentence being able to hear the voice of a loved one, family or friend. Sadly some people simply do not have access to landlines or due to fast paced life its difficult for the receiver of the call to be sat by a landline waiting, this presents three main significant problems to the inmate: Call receiver cannot get to landline in time so call is unanswered and inmates place in phone queue is lost. Inmate is required to call mobile at excessive rate so call duration is reduced. Added emotional pressure. The Fonesavvy service is designed to deal with the above in a simple professional way. The Service we provide helps you by:- Providing a landline number that through our Fonesavvy service connects to a mobile telephone. The inmate is only charged a local rate call from the pin phone so call duration is maximised with the account holder on the outside paying the difference. No more sitting by the phone, no more missed calls, reduced emotional pressure.