HMP Wakefield Screw - By Prison Widow UK

To say I'm not a happy bunny is an understatement. Last night I was speaking to a partner of a prisoner who visits HMP Wakefield. She is not in great health and is due an operation for a chronic back problem. During a visit, the lady politely asked a prison officer if they could get her a straight backed chair instead of the new curvy ones they have otherwise she would have spent the visit in complete agony. The officer did bring her a chair but a few minutes later, a female screw walked over and blatantly kicked the chair. The lady visitor screamed and began to get shooting pains in her leg. She was extremely upset and I was completely gobsmacked. The lady also told me that the prison officers at HMP Wakefield treat prisoners families like muck. God knows why because angels the prison officers are not. Take a look at this article below:

                                          PRISON PROBING GUARDS ROMP

To add insult to injury, the lady visitor has to pay £25.00 to obtain a letter off her Doctor to give to the prison stating that she needs a straight hard backed chair for future visits. I reckon this is a national newspaper story and I can tell you this much, it really is a good job that it's not me who had to suffer at the hands of the obnoxious female screw because I would plaster her all over the national rags. Looks like another email is on its way to Mr Michael Spurr!