HMP Wakefield Visits Are Terrible - By A Prison Visitor

Dear PFV. I am very saddened to hear about the visitor who was treated diabolically at HMP Wakefield. I visit the prison too and the guards make sure our visits are as uncomfortable as they can be. It's my choice whether I visit and although I loathe visiting HMP Wakefield, I won't stop visiting courtesy of bad mannered guards. Some of them are OK and pleasant and others are unfriendly and off-hand in my opinion. Unfortunately it is something us prisoners families have to live with and deal with. I know there are some prisoners families that do take the mickey but not all of us are like that at all. I am always pleasant and polite and I would like the same in return, but it is a rarity at Wakefield. I also accept it is a maximum security prison but as the others readers so rightly say, we aren't criminals, and just because we visit them, doesn't make us one. The prison is depressing enough without having to endure dirty looks and bad mannered guards. I am so sorry that the lady had to go through this and I hope she receives an apology from the guard in question and the prison governor. It's terrible.