Prison Release Farce - From Ex Offender

I would like to share my story with your readers. I was released from prison two weeks ago and because the benefits department hadn't sorted out my benefits, I had to go and get some help. I needed food and gas and electric. I went to the local Benefits office and they told me I had to ring a number to apply for a welfare loan. I used the phone in the benefits office and the call took 30 minutes. After the 30 minute interview, I was told I could only have £11.00 to cover my gas and electric and that I could go to the food bank. However, the food bank was a hours walk away so off I trudged in the rain. It took me 3 hours in all to get help but the £11.00 for both the gas and electric didn't last long because I am on meters. I would like to tell those who are reading this that it is no wonder people re-offend. Would a criminal seriously go through 3 hours of a ball ache to get a bag of food and pittance of £11.00? Wouldn't it be easier to shop-lift and steal?