Prison Visits and the Elderly - From Anne

Hi there. This is for the lady who wrote in about her Mum, dementia and prison visits. First of all, I am very sorry to hear that your Mum is suffering from dementia, it is cruel illness. My Mum In Law has passed away now but when she was in residential care before going on to an EMI Unit, I did take her to see her son in prison. (I am married to her son) I don't want this to put you off, but I wish I had never had taken her. At the time, she was in the early stages of dementia and as soon as we booked in for our visit, she wanted to go home. She was very much out of her comfort zone in which she became more confused. My partner was serving 12 years and I knew his Mum wouldn't be with us before he was released. It was an ever so sad time in our life's and even now my partner remembers that visit so vividly. Our Mum never spoke about the visit when she returned back to the care home and we never knew whether or not she actually understood where we went that day. I am so glad that this site covers this particular situation because it is a decision that is personal. I hope the lady in question knows that she is not on her own and quite possibly many families have or are facing the exact same thing. Love and best wishes to all. From Anne (London)