Prisoners Families - Their Stories - From Wife Of Prisoner

Hi. I have often wondered that when one commits a crime, whether they think of the destruction they leave behind? There are the victims of crime and there are the criminals families who have to face shame and devastation. My husband has been sent to prison for 12 years for getting involved in drugs offences. He did it to make some money on the side after we got behind on our mortgage payments. No, I knew nothing about it until his arrest and saw little of him as he was a long distance lorry driver. He took charge of the mortgage payments and the council tax, and I sorted out all the utility bills. Some people have called me a liar because they say I must have known about his dodgy dealings. They are wrong. They are very wrong.
His actions have now resulted in me putting my name down on the council housing list because we are losing our home. I have cried until I cannot cry no more and cannot bring myself to go and visit him because why should I. I may change my mind some months down the line but right now I am on my own picking up the pieces he has left behind and he has left some rubble I will say that. There are always consequences and his family have now suffered at the hands of them. Please keep my name anonymous. Thanks.