Probation? - From Ellen

Hi, I found your blog site through Google. My partner has just been released from prison after being convicted of a fire-arms/armed robbery offence. He is on a MAPPA licence and rightly so. I do not condone what he did and he deserved to be sent to prison.
I met through being his prison pen pal when he was convicted of theft. Can I just say that after going to probation with him on his theft offence and going to probation with him on this so called MAPPA licence, to me there is absolutely no difference whatsoever. The appointments are still as useless as the first time around and it is just an 'in and out' couple of minutes appointment that to me serves no purpose. Don't get me wrong, his probation officer is a good man, but what exactly does his job entail, because to save time and money, why don't ex offenders and those serving their sentences in the community just go and sign on at the local Police station because sorry to say this, there is nothing productive about going to probation other than turning up to say hello. I know if offenders don't turn up they are likely to be breached and so on but the Police can do that because when all said and done, the Police are sent out to arrest the offender anyway! I'm not putting probation down or anything, but to me, these flimsy appointments aren't constructive in the slightest.