The Elderly Affected By Prison Visits - From Julia

To the Editor. First of all, what a brilliant blog you have!!! I would like to make a contribution on the topic of the elderly visiting prison. My brother was in prison and I took my Pa to go and visit him. At the time, Pa was 79, and quite frail, although he was fit enough to travel there.
After the visit, he was a broken man and became depressed. Pa passed away five years after the prison visit and even in his last days, he told my children to always stay on the right side of the law. There is no doubt about it that the whole prison issue had an affect on Pa. To leave your loved one after a prison visit is not a great feeling at all for anyone. Luckily my brother was released from prison when Pa passed away and I'm glad about that because arriving at a funeral with a prison officer is not ideal. Sorry to ramble on but I just want to thank you so much for bringing this subject up and my love goes out to all your readers having to make those decisions whether or not to take their elders on a prison visit. God bless. Regards, Julia xxx