Youths Enjoying Prison? - From Worried Mum

I came across a post on your site about young offenders and would like to comment please.
My son has gotten in to the wrong crowd and is walking on the wrong path at the moment.
I have two sons, one is at Uni and the other doesn't even think school is relevant. I have tried my hardest with him and I have had lots of support from my son's school but nothing has sunk in with him. We have gone down every avenue possible and I am devastated. We have discussed prison and talked about what a waste of life it is if he goes there, but his friends (who have been in prison) have told him otherwise. Prison seems to be a cool place for his pals and one of them is about to get sent to prison again next week. I have no experience with prison but the way things are going, I may just end up visiting my son in one. Please don't judge me as a bad parent because I am far from one. I am a good Mum and have always looked out for my boys. I watch documentaries on youths on rough housing estates etc whose parents think shop lifting is funny and so on, but our life isn't like that. I am distraught that my son has turned out the way he has but I am petrified that if he does end up in prison he will like it like most of his pals. Prison in my eyes is supposed to be a deterrent not a youth club where pals end up meeting up. I am besides myself with worry and disgusted that I hear some youths actually enjoy the prison life. Please keep my name anonymous and thanks for listening.