Alzheimer's and Prison - From Anonymous Partner Of Prisoner

Hi there everyone. I found you through Twitter and glad I did. My partner is serving a lengthy prison sentence and his mother has Alzheimer's. Her illness is quite advanced and her speech is distorted. She doesn't ask about her (my partner in prison) and she hardly recognizes me or other family members. She lives on an EMI unit (Elderly Mentally Infirm) and I guess she is happy in her own little world. My partner however struggles with not being able to talk to her anymore. I suppose if he managed to speak to her on the phone, she wouldn't be able to have a conversation with him, so their communication is cut off altogether. He obviously cannot write to her either because her illness is so advanced she won't understand any of it. So what I am about to say to those who promote maintaining family contact, please think about the other families in this situation that simply cannot maintain ties at all.