Bedroom Tax personal petitions: Heartbreaking letters from victims of hated charge

When David Cameron said that he would consider personal stories of hardship experienced because of his Government’s Bedroom Tax he wasn’t expecting 2,500 of them. But that’s what the team behind the Personal Petition are working towards – and they already have 1,700 heartbreaking letters. Like this one:

 Dear Dave, Well where would you like me to start? I have lived in my home for 35 years. I worked three part-time jobs to pay the rent and keep a roof over my girls’ heads. I was then able to get full-time work. I paid the rent in full, I paid my tax in full, I paid my NI in full. I now find myself in the ­unenviable position of being chronically sick. Now I have to survive on £71.70 a week, out of which I have to find £22.00 Bedroom Tax. Very soon I will be looking at being made homeless, as I do not have enough money to keep paying the Bedroom Tax, utility bills and food, and there is nowhere for me to downsize to, and I am not the only one… Yours in destitution, S Smith.