Children of Prisoners

Hello PFV. My name is Caron and my partner is in prison and will be released in 2015.
I have had to use food banks to feed me and our daughter because I gave up my job because I was being bullied and shunned by the company who employed me because my partner was in the local paper regarding his conviction. Basically they drove me out and on top of the stress, I honestly couldn't take any more. I have no money to send my partner for phone credit and my daughter has been crying herself to sleep because she is missing him. It's just a nightmare because I know he has to be punished but trying to explain this to a six year old is just too much sometimes. Are there any support groups that can put me in touch with someone going through the similar thing? Thanks in advance.

PFV COMMENT: PFV have sent Caron a list of support groups. We also have a list featured on our links page at the top of the blog.