Daughter Scared Of Prison Visit - From Kim

Dear PFV Editor

I found your blog site through Twitter and think it is brilliant. I have been reading a few articles on your blog about children of prisoners. I am taking my daughter to visit her Dad in prison for the first time next week and although she says she wants to see him, I have found that she is having sleepless nights worrying about going in to prison to see him. She is usually very talkative and bubbly and has become withdrawn. I can only put it down to the up and coming visit because she has been absolutely fine until then. I do keep asking if she still wants to go and she is adamant she wants too, but I am now worried how she will be after we have visited him. I am worried to death and very anxious not knowing what is for the best. I know it is important that children maintain ties with their parents whilst in prison, but I have found there isn't much support for people in my situation. If you know of any one I can talk too, can you please send me some info. Yours Truly, Kim.

PFV COMMENT: A list of support groups and info has been passed on to Kim.