Dementia Sufferers and Prison Issues - From Guest Writer

Hi PFV and all your readers. I work for a charity that supports prisoners families and would like the opportunity to guest write for your blog. I have been reading with interest the posts about dementia patients and prison issues. I understand the illness as my own mother is currently suffering from this wretched illness. My mother is also currently residing on an EMI closed unit for her own safety. For those who don't understand what an EMI unit is, it is a secure unit.
I have been thinking a lot about this topic since I read the various posts on your blog and if it is at all possible, I would appreciate it if any of your readers could write in and tell me their stories about issues with dementia and prison. I have emailed Admin at PFV and they have kindly said that they would pass any stories on to me. Of course your anonymity will be respected. Many thanks.

Comment: PFV always protects their readers anonymity and emails as always will be treated in the strictest confidence. Should you wish to remain anonymous, please state this in your emails to us. Thank you.