Help For Prisoners Children After Prison Visits - From Anon

Dear Prisoners Families Voices. Please can you put my name as anonymous please.
I would like to share a story with you about my little niece who is 6 and visits her dad, who is my brother, in prison. Visiting him as affected her to the point of her developing a bit of a stammer with her speech which the doctor as put down to stress. It's all fine and well that those who are trying to help prisoners families by saying that maintaining family bonds is a good thing, but it isn't as plain and simple for a lot of families, especially children, who visit prison and by doing so, it affects their health. All these books and leaflets that are available are good and useful, but for the likes of my niece, where is the information for parents who have children that are affected by imprisonment after a prison visit?

PFV COMMENT: A very good point and I am sure that some of our readers will agree!