More Support For The Elderly Prison Visitors - From Angie B


Hi Prisoners Families Voices. I have just read the link over on your Facebook Page about more awareness being raised for elderly prison visitors. (above highlighted link)
I totally agree with this because I have consoled quite a few elderly people who have been visiting prison for the first time. They have been petrified and I have assisted them with their lockers and helped them to get change for the vending machines once inside the visiting hall. I take my young daughter visiting her Dad in prison and I am all for supporting children of prisoners, but in my opinion, the elderly are as equally vulnerable and I too would like to see this particular topic raised. I once sat with an elderly gentleman in the visitors centre who travelled all the way from Birmingham to Manchester to visit his son. He was very very frightened and I thought about him all the way home to wonder how he coped and how his visit went. Thanks for bringing this subject up.