Prisoners Loved Ones With Dementia

Hi. I have been reading your blog for a while and came across quite a few posts about the elderly suffering from dementia and the subject of prison.
My Nan has dementia and lives with us (me and my Mum) and my Mum is her full time carer.
My Dad is in prison (which is her son-in-law) and after years of idolizing him, my Nan swears at him when he rings up from prison and tells him she hates his guts. I know she doesn't know what she is saying and doesn't mean it because she has got dementia, but my Dad is devastated because he doesn't really understand the illness and how bad she is with it. It is a horrible illness and a lot of prisoners must go through a heartbreaking communication barrier when their loved ones develop dementia. Thank you very much for publishing some stories about it.