Prisoners Show Off Dance Moves In Record Bid

Some of Peru's toughest prisoners were among 1,200 inmates who put on their trainers and multi-coloured gym outfits as they tried to break a world record. They showed off their best Latin moves as they took part in a massive aerobics class, aiming to set a new mark for the number of people dancing in jail. The inmates moved to the beats of reggaeton - an urban form of music - and swayed to stylings of merengue - a style of Dominican music and dance - at the high-security Lurigancho prison in the capital Lima. With many prisoners behind bars for drug and alcohol-related crime, inmates say life in the overcrowded prison has changed dramatically since aerobics was introduced. "There has been a radical change in the prison and this is because of the world of the colonel, the world of Alejandro Nunez del Arco, the work of all the guys who have been here," said Miguel Angel Suarez. Inmates practice their aerobics routine daily and prisoner director Colonel Tomas Garay said they have been given a new lease of life as they set their sights on a world record. He said: "The objective is to set a new Guinness Record and show the world that it's possible to change: that although they have lost their freedom, they have not lost their right to life."