Publication Problem For Children Of Prisoners - From Christine

Hi. Thanks for following me back on Twitter! I feel very strongly about this topic so would like to make a contribution please. My daughter's Dad was in prison a few years ago and that time, she was 7 year old. I did buy a publication that explained very well what it is like to visit a prison. The publication was well thought out and it was a benefit to my daughter. However, I have not come across any publications that explain how you might feel after visiting a parent in prison and I think there is room for one. My daughter was crying when she had to walk away from her Dad in the visiting room and I had a time of it with her on our way home because all she kept on saying was that she wanted to be with her Dad and why do we have to wait another two weeks to see him. Trying to explain how a visiting order (VO) works to a small child is difficult and perhaps some of your readers will agree with me on that. More support for children is needed please!