Why Should Prisoners Children Suffer? - From Anon

Hi there, I am writing in to you because I want to let your readers know about how prison documentaries have affected my daughter. Her Dad is in prison and she misses him lots. We tried to keep the prison thing under wraps and between ourselves until the local newspaper printed his name and photo that is. Needless to say that the locals found out and children being children, started to talk about it at school. However, that all settled down and the children seemed to have forgot and my daughter was dealing with it in her own way. She still had friends and seemed happy enough. That was until the TV stations became obsessed with prison documentaries and drama's.
Children don't forget and when all these prison obsessive programmes came on, children at school would ask my daughter if her Dad was one of those on TV and if he was always fighting in prison and so on and so on. This has set my daughter back and she has now become withdrawn. I am trying to see if I can get her some kind of counselling but I have been told that I have to pay for it but cannot afford this. I think it is down right disgusting that the TV companies can throw programmes on and the Government don't offer children of prisoners any support. Why should they have to suffer? They haven't done anything wrong!