Author Glenn Langohr Supporting Prison Widow

My friend Glenn from California has written a piece for Prisoners Families Voices:

Glenn Langohr Spent 10 Years in Prison, With 4 Years in Solitary, Before Becoming a Best Selling Author Glenn Langohr spent 10 years in California Prisons on drug charges with 4 years in Solitary Confinement before becoming a best selling author. He is a wealth of information and expert about prison overcrowding and the current Hunger Strike. He has 10 books in Print, Kindle and Audio book that relate to the drug war and prison life with over 400 reviews on Amazon. Prison Riot and Underdog are about the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike and Solitary Confinement found in my catalog here~ In "Prison Riot" "I was put in the hole (Solitary) for 11 months and was labeled a southern Mexican, I'm white." Underdog is a book that goes deep into the 5 core demands the prisoners are hunger striking over. That particular book got the interest of a Criminal Justice Professor at U.C. Irvine and I got to speak to 100 students as a guest Lecturer and be on the radio. "As for overcrowding, it breeds less rehabilitation, more violence, more gangs, and more solitary confinement. The reason the "Feds" are making California release inmates is because of the Supreme Court ruling on a lack of medical attention. I didn't get any for 5 months while in need of back surgery and my left leg started going paralyzed. I had to lay down on the yard 4 times to finally get to the outside hospital and immediate surgery." Glenn Langohr says, "We have to wake up the general public to the fact that tough on crime platforms where we just lock everyone up isn't working. By locking up low level offenders and drug addicts, we are breeding an addiction into an affliction much harder to escape." Glenn Langohr is currently working on adapting one of his newest books for TV. He says, "'My Hardest Step' is a book that has solution to our drug war and prison overcrowding problems. It will show the public what each person's hardest step is to recovering, after showing what their hopes and dreams were before addiction, then what it was like, and how they are making it and plan to make it." "My Hardest Step" starts with Glenn Langohr's story and how he met his writing mentor and sobriety sponsor Phil Doran, the TV Producer, and how he transformed his life and learned how to help others.
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