Lack of Education in Prison - From Sissy

Hi, my Mum developed Alzheimer's when she was only 53 years of age and at that time, my brother was in prison for quite some time. If I can just inform your readers of something which is that figures show that Alzheimer's is creeping its way in to people under 50 years of age.
When my brother used to ring us and ask to speak to Mum, she swore at him. Mum never used swear words and this shocked my brother. As a prisoner, I believe he should have been shown some support and understanding of Mum's illness because he didn't understand anything about the illness and what it does to people. Mum was active and fine before he went to prison so this hit my brother hard. When my brother was released from prison, my Mum could no longer recognise him. She couldn't even understand my brother's apology for him putting her through the stress of the crime he committed. Mum is now in her own world and cannot communicate anymore. My brother got no support from the prison staff whatsoever. If prison is supposed to be a place of rehabilitation then surely they should educate those who are going through family issues. There is no form of communication anymore.