Moan Of The Day - By Stu D

So like many of you, I'm on Facebook, but I'm getting a bit fed of it and thinking of binning it has a bad job. I liked it at first, I really did, but now it has become brag central. I log on and as soon as I do, there's someone showing me their new wallpaper or their new brush and pan set from the pound shop. Is life that shit that they have to post that tripe? But the best one is when people are broadcasting their relationship breakdowns on it. I was reading about one the other night and someone butted in on their status and made a comment. The person who posted that her boyfriend was a nob told the person who commented that it had nothing to do with her so back off. But hang on a minute... she posted about her 'nob' boyfriend for all of her 4,000 followers to see and comment on? Then turns around and tells all of her friends/followers to mind their own business? I felt like commenting myself and saying, " well don't post your dirty washing on Facebook then!!!!"
One of the best ones I have seen is a woman posting a picture of her new pair of plain black socks. Come on... if that's all they can share with the world then it's time to see a counsellor or something!! My Missus uses Facebook and 'likes' everything. She clicks 'like' on statuses that say.. "I have just watered my plant" or "I am going to Asda now". Call me a miserable git, but I'm sorry, I just don't get it.