More Support For The Elderly - By Prison Widow UK

I would like to thank our readers for emailing us and sharing their stories and opinions on the elderly visiting their loved ones in prison. It is important that charities who campaign on behalf of prisoners families bring this issue to the forefront. I personally know an elderly gentleman who visits his grandson in prison and because he has no internet, and is unable to use it for information concerning visiting, his first visit was upsetting leaving him bewildered and anxious. I agree with Gillian when she wrote that many pensioners have the mind set of prison being that of Victorian age and not a pleasant place to visit. Yes, a lot has changed nowadays, but for elderly people who don't have support and aren't able to access online support, visiting prison can be a distressing time for them and I have witnessed this with my own eyes. I remembered the gentleman asking me why a sniffer dog was present in the search area and I explained as compassionate as I could that the dog was simply doing its job by trying to detect drug smugglers. He asked me further questions, but the words, heroin among others, left him completely baffled and confused. Like many other pensioners, he was not in touch with the real world of today. I too want more support for elderly prison visitors and hope that we will see more of a support network for our pensioners who are often forgot about when it does come down to prison visiting and coping with a loved one in prison.