Prison and Family Support - From Darren (Ex Offender)

Dear PFV Editor. My partner told me about your blog site when I was in prison. I was released in May 2013 and I have just got a job working in a local factory and I am made up. Other prisoners may have a different opinion, but mine is that there is not enough rehabilitation schemes whatsoever in prison. My family were the ones that supported me and I owe them a lot! Without their support putting CV's together and helping me to do job searches, I wouldn't have stood a chance. I won't mention the prison I was in because all in all, I was treated fairly throughout by the prison staff, but it was as though they promoted console games because there wasn't enough going on for the prisoners other than sat in cells playing on games. I know my family and partner read your blog site so I want to thank them for being there for me and I am looking forward to making an honest decent living at work. It may not be the best wage around, but it is a wage and I can at least provide for my family in an honest way. Thank you also for the blog which is great. Best wishes to everyone, Darren.

PFV COMMENT: Good luck Darren and we hope everything goes well for you! Well done!