Prisoners Wrapped In Cotton Wool? - From Jen

                                 PRISONERS TO BE MOVED NEARER TO HOME


Hi. The Chris Grayling decision to move prisoners nearer to home is an interesting one.
It will work for some, and it will never work for others. I visit a prison and have met many families who live near to it. Some families talk to me and tell me that their loved one has been in that particular prison 4 or 5 times. The same families send money in, buy them what ever they want and jump to the prisoners beck and call. Basically, it seems the prisoner has an easy life and the question is would the prisoner want to be inside if their families took the tough love approach and stopped treating them like they are a victim. I know their are families out here who do support their loved ones in prison on to the right road in life, but I'm sorry, there are families who wrap their loved ones in cotton wool and visit prisons all their live's. I will follow Chris Grayling's proposals with interest. Regards, Jen.