Reformed armed robber opens cafe in Farnworth

WHEN Daniel Shah was sent to jail for armed robbery in 2005, he seemed destined to live a life of crime. But after years in and out of trouble, Mr Shah decided to turn his life around and worked towards owning his own business. Last week his ambition became a reality as he welcomed his first customers to the CafĂ© Lounge in Farnworth Precinct. The ex-offender, aged 26, said he could not be more proud of his latest venture after saving for two years. Mr Shah, who lives in Prestwich, said: “If someone had told me three years ago I’d own a cafe I wouldn’t have believed them. “I’m very open about my past when people come in and so far their support has been amazing. We’ve already got regular customers. “I think this new business is down to a combination of things. I did learn a lot when I was prison but when I came out I got a job straight away doing cleaning work and started to save.


                                AND CONGRATULATIONS DANIEL! 

                         STORY COURTESY OF THE BOLTON NEWS