Release From Prison Is A Nightmare - From Anon

Good evening PFV. I am emailing you because I have just seen a tweet from your site about prison changing a person. My husband is a completely different man since he was released from prison in 2012. It has made him in to a manic depressive who drinks everyday. He never drank before he went inside and our family are worried to death about him. What people don't realise is that when someone comes out of prison, it is one of the most difficult things for prisoners families to deal with and from my experience, prison visiting was a breeze compared to his release. There should be support forums for those who have a family member or loved RELEASED from prison because I know a few families that are having a hard time with their loved ones release from prison. Dealing with imprisonment doesn't just stop at the prison gates for a lot of us. Please keep my name anonymous. From Anonymous via email.