Sun and Bingo Wings - By Prison Widow UK

Well first of all, no, absolutely no, that isn't a picture of me in a bikini. (ABOVE) The writing on the bikini bottoms are treble the size on mine! In my world, we don't use the words - skinny dipping- we use - excess skinny dipping!
Today has been an eventful day here in the North-West - we've had no sun. But that doesn't bother me because at least I didn't have to clap eyes on bare-chested chavs in Bermuda shorts and black Lacoste winter boots. That's not all though, one of the worst sights I have ever seen in my life was a middle aged man in Speedo's and a pair of Nike trainers. I seriously couldn't cope with that and ended up having to have a large Whisky and coke for medicinal purposes! As for the sun? Well I don't mind if it disappears for a while to be honest with you. There is a famous saying: A sight for sore eyes - well even with conjunctivitis you can see full house bingo wings and Jesus Sandals accompanied by white socks in summer in the UK! When the heatwave returns I have no doubt that I'll see some bravery when I clap eyes on someone wearing a Mankini with a pair of Converse! Roll on bloody Winter I say!