Thunder Is On Its Merry Way! - By Stu D

Thunder is on its way and my missus has already made her air raid shelter behind the settee!!!
She is petrified of thunder and lightening but at least with her stuck behind the settee, I have control over the TV so that's all good!!! I'm glad it's gonna cool down though and Prison Widow is pleased that it's gonna pee down so that she doesn't have to clap eyes on mankini's and flip flops worn with white ankle socks!!! I've always said that the sun in the UK brings out the undesirables! I can't imagine what Leve thinks of it too because he too has probably seen some bad sights whilst he has been out to the shops for a packet of Lambert and Butler and a Gregg's pasty!!! The worst heatwave sight I saw was last night when putting my bins out. I saw a bird (woman) wearing a bikini and a dressing gown!!! I kid you not ladies and gentleman!!! Eeee by gum, what is the country coming too!!! Roll on the thunder and that's me settled in front of the box watching golf!!!