Uncle Dad - By Prison Widow UK

Are there any dating sites specifically aimed at British women meeting Aussie men? Because I have to get out of this God damn country we call Great Britain! What's exactly great about it? Fair enough, we had some gold medals this year, but I'm sorry, they've made zero difference to my life, not to mention the OBE and MBE bollocks that comes with winning a race. Those awards should go to people who deserve it like our Nurses, Carer's, Emergency Services and volunteers who work their arse's off every day to care for needy individuals. I once remembered talking to someone within the penal reform system that said to me if he was offered a peerage, he would tell them to shove it. Needless to say he now had three letters after his name. He must have changed his mind eh? Anyway, I'm drifting off the subject here, so I'll move on to what I intended to write about. Have you ever heard of the words, 'Uncle Dad'? I've heard it before and I heard it again today. 'Uncle Dad' is used by some children who are being brought up by their step-father. Yes, honestly, because I was brazen enough to ask one parent whose child uses the saying. The Mother said her child says it because it doesn't confuse her. Well it sure did confuse me the first time I heard it that's for sure!
The Mother told me that she introduced her young child to her new partner as the child's Uncle. When her new partner moved in and the child got on to the fact that her 'Uncle' was sleeping in the same bed as Mum, they decided that the word, 'Uncle' was inappropriate, which OK, is fair enough. So not to confuse the child any further, they decided that, 'Uncle Dad' was a better option and therefore this is what phrase the family is happy with. But what happens if that relationship doesn't work out and the Mother meets someone else? Will the phrase for her new partner be, Great-Uncle Dad? Seriously, what is the world coming too? Why not call the new partner by his first name and explain to the child that Mum has met someone who will be living with them. What is wrong with someone sitting down explaining to a child that Daddy still loves them but Mum and Dad don't live with each other any more etc etc etc. Surely there are far more compassionate ways to explain things to a young child instead of concocting some bull shit like, 'Uncle Dad'? I don't like Cameron, but by Lord there is something I do agree on when he gave his speech about poor parenting skills!