A Contributing Factor - From Karen and Phil (Blog Readers)

                                           PRISON IS HOME BY MARCUS 

I was touched by Marcus's story on your blog site. I am with an ex offender who has spent years in and out of prison. When I first met him, he was honest enough to tell me that he had been bounced from care home to care home and he had spent years on and off in prison. He won't mind me saying this because he too has read Marcus's story, and it is fair to say that I find living with him difficult sometimes. Like Marcus, my partner has never been shown much love in his life. He was abandoned by his parents and me and my family are the only family he has. I remember his first Christmas with us over at my Mum's house. He was overwhelmed and said that he has never celebrated Christmas before in family surroundings. When he read Marcus's story about prison being a home, my partner nodded his head and related to it straight away. I also agree with with Marcus when he said that the likes of Jeremy Kyle and do gooders point their fingers and say that bad childhoods are no excuse for bad behaviour. It may not be an excuse, but it is a contributing factor and we only have to read some of the stories in the news to realize that. Thanks Marcus for your honesty because I am sure there are many people like yourself who have had to live in those unfortunate circumstances, my partner included. Best Wishes from Karen and Phil