Ex Offender Speaks Out About Family Visits - By Jack

Dear PFV Blog. I have been reading a lot of articles from families on your blog and would like to contribute. I am an ex offender and was one of those prisoners who did not have the pleasure of a family day because my Mrs and children were unable to make the nearly 4 hour journey to attend. I spoke my mind (which prisoners aren't allowed to do) and got shipped out hundreds of miles away deemed as a political trouble maker. Because I spoke out, the Prison Service denied my family the visits they are entitled too as innocent people in society. Individuals are spot on when they say that special family day visits do not apply to everyone. It is very true but all we seem to hear are the positives about the family day visits. Personally, I think there is room for a group of prisoners families to get together and start shouting out the issues because there is absolutely nothing materializing from anywhere at the moment. Hundreds of prisoners and families are denied special visits and more often than not, it is the Prison Service playing silly buggers. I might even set up a group myself with prisoners families joining forces with ex offenders. Sounds like a good idea to me, maybe PFV can help? Keep up the good work! From Jack ( Via Facebook)