Families With Disabilities Visiting Prison - From Anonymous

My Dad is disabled and he doesn't exist when it comes to prison visiting. His only son is in prison and is serving a very long time. I doubt Dad will be alive when he is even considered for Parole.
My Dad has had very little contact with his son because it has taken him some years to forgive him. But now he wants to go and visit his son yet the journey there on public transport is almost impossible. He is in a wheelchair and his health is poor. I should imagine that the public would frown reading my story and say what we all expect which is, " well his son shouldn't have done what he did." I agree, but the public and whoever frowns upon us need to open their eyes and ears and realise that although my brother is in prison and deserves to be where he is, families like us aren't criminals. I think my Dad would like to make peace with his son before the inevitable happens. It's getting him to the prison that is the hardest part. I guess we will have to cope and get him there, but I haven't got a clue about disabled access or anything. What happens with the searches on disabled people? So much to think about and little information to go on. Can you help?

PFV: Has sent the person a list of helpful information.