He Is Better Off In Prison? - From Anonymous Blog Reader

Hi, I don't know whether you will take my email in to consideration for publication or not, but I would like to share my opinion with your readers. I have had trouble with a problem family that lives next door to me for nearly two years now. The estate I live on was a quiet place to live and everyone respected each other. Two years ago a family moved in next door to me and since it has never been the same. Their son is 15 and is a problem. However, he is always polite to me and shows me some respect, unlike his parents. In fact, I feel sorry for the lad. The Police brought him home the other night and his parents were stood at the gate bawling and shouting at him in front of the Police. I was dumbfounded when I heard his parents shout loudly, " take him to prison because we don't want the little b****** here with us anymore and he would be better off banged up." How in heaven's name would the lad be better off banged up? His parents are the real culprits on the estate! They party through the week, they drink every night, they smoke cannabis and they like to argue most nights in the street at 2.00am when they have had a skinful. Their son is never there and probably doesn't want to be there and I honestly don't blame him. As I said, I have spoken to their son a few times and deep down he is a lost soul who needs a bit of attention. But being told he would be better off in prison is just ludicrous and unfortunately the young lad will probably take their advice. Doesn't anyone care anymore? Please do not print my name if you decide to publish this.