I'm On Licence - By 'Jack'

OK guys, I'm on probation and I am probation until 2014. I turn up, I sit in the waiting room, I go in to see my probation officer, who is usually a stand in one, I sit there, I am asked if I am OK and that's my lot. Probation are forever changing my probation officer and to be frank, it is a waste of my time, their time and the tax payers money. I am alone looking for work, although when I was inside I was told that I would 'get all the help' from probation to find work as employment for ex offenders is stigmatized. I was sent to prison for a crime I deeply regret and I was sent to prison for REHABILITATION. I will tell you all this much, the Government, The Probation Service and God knows who else out there claiming to REHABILITATE ex offenders haven't got a bloody clue what REHABILITATION means!!! Sorry guys, turning up at probation is senseless!!!!