Mortgage Before Prison Visit - From Anonymous

Hi Guys.. My partner is in prison and will be released in 2016. We have a daughter together who is 4. She is pining for her Dad all the time and wants to visit him. He has been in prison now for nearly 12 weeks and we still haven't visited because I am having to work full time now in order to pay the mortgage. I work 7 days a week because I took on a cleaning job to make ends meet. My partner is in a prison so far away that it would cost a fortune for us to go and visit him. I am having to count every penny at the moment and times are hard. My partner is fretting because he hasn't seen us but understands why I have to work and then some to pay the mortgage and bills. I feel so guilty because I feel that I am denying my daughter a visit, but I'm not, I just cannot afford to take her right now and I hate saying this, but keeping a roof over our heads is far more important at the moment. No doubt before Christmas we will visit, but I am really anxious about it because I keep on wondering what affect the visit will have on my daughter. She always asks when her Dad is coming home and she asks me why he can't live with us anymore. I have tried my best to explain but she still doesn't understand. I am scared that the whole prison thing will scare her. My emotions are all over the place at the moment and I could really do with talking to someone who can listen and maybe give me some advice. Please keep my name anonymous.

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